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Parent Organization: The University of Texas at Austin/TxDOT Research Library

Number of staff members: 4

Description of information collection:

CTR Library contains all reports published by the Center and serves as an official repository of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Research Program. The entire collection also contains an additional 17,000+ titles of other transportation-related research from different agencies (FHWA, AASHTO, TRB, state-level transportation agencies, City of Austin, SWUTC, and more) for a total collection containing more than 30,000 print volumes. Open access full-text links are provided for nearly 50% of the collection.

Offers interlibrary loans? Yes

Interlibrary loan policy:

Most of our material is available in a PDF from our web catalog. If not, we will scan and send the material as a PDF – within copyright. Otherwise, we will loan circulating materials to a TKN member.

Contact Information

Louise Rosenzweig



Library Stories

Library Highlights:

Current Hot Topics from our catalog homepage: autonomous vehicles, bicycle travel, civil rights and social equity, distracted driving, electric vehicles, NAFTA, Panama Canal expansion, public-private partnerships, wildlife corridors.

Success stories:

One of our best successes is the digitization project that we focused on in 2007-2008. We worked with TxDOT staff to retro digitize all TxDOT sponsored research. We digitized over 1000 older CTR reports. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the TxDOT Research and Technology Implementation Office digitized TTI and individual university items. This collaborative push for accessibility enabled us to bring the whole of TxDOT research to the public in an open PDF format. Another success story was the request to purchase a software upgrade to our web catalog. We were using the original software purchased in 2001. While this software was basic and robust, it did not allow for enhancements that patrons had come to expect – through many years of using Google! We were given approval to acquire the Inmagic Presto product, and this product has enabled us to really grow our web catalog and to offer improvements such as federated searching, search filtering and saving, review and comment sharing, and enhanced RSS feeds.

Lessons learned:

We work best when we are working collaboratively. We have a small staff, and we can get much more accomplished when we are working with staff and researchers from TxDOT or faculty from the University. Education plays a large role in our mission, and we work side-by-side with Graduate Assistants from the University School of Information. This allows us to provide real world mentoring as well as keep current on developments in librarianship.

What we have learned through involvement in the WTKN:

Again, the benefits are collaboration. Our field is a niche field in both librarianship and in engineering. We benefit by regional and national TKN participation by learning what is being accomplished in partner libraries and organizations. We share and transfer information that may be essential to our patrons, and we offer enhanced service delivery by learning what works for other information groups. WTKN participation also allows us to meet not only information providers, but also get a perspective from research managers and researchers in both public and private organizations.

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