Adopted August 10, 2007

ARTICLE I – Name, Description, and Mission

Section 1 – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Western Transportation Knowledge Network and shall be known by the acronym WTKN.

Section 2 – Description

This organization is comprised of information providers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming thathave collections, or aspects of their collections, focused on transportation. Information providers include but are not limited to libraries, data providers, website managers, communicators and records managers.

Section 3 – Mission

The mission of this organization is to augment the effectiveness and efficiency of its members by expanding their access to local, state, regional, national and international transportation information resources.


ARTICLE II – Purpose

Section 1 – Goals

This organization shall develop a strong network of organizations that provide information to professionals and practitioners in the field of transportation. The organization shall undertake activities to maintain and improve efficient access to transportation information resources on local, state, regional, national and international bases, to share resources, and to foster communication and cooperation among member organizations.

Section 2 – Plan

The organization:

(1) Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas.

(2) Develops mechanisms to improve access to transportation related information resources.

(3) Plans and implements additional cooperative programs as determined by the network.

(4) Collaborates with other transportation knowledge networks, library networks and organizations in pursuing the goals of the network.

(5) Collaborates with other professional information management organizations including but not limited to Special Libraries Association Transportation Division.

ARTICLE III – Membership

Section 1- Members

Any organization within the states listed in Article I, Section 2 of these Bylaws that has an organized collection of information related to transportation may become a member upon a vote of the membership.

Section 2 – Eligibility

All questions relating to an organization’s eligibility to participate shall be determined by a vote of the membership.

Section 3 – Membership Withdrawal or Removal

  1. Withdrawal– A member may withdraw from the organization by giving the Executive Committee written notice of intent to withdraw.
  2. Removal – An organization may be removed from membership by a two-thirds majority vote of the members.


ARTICLE IV – Officers

Section 1 – Chair

The Chair shall preside over meetings of the network, act as the official spokesperson for the network and coordinate the activities of the Executive Committee.

Section 2 – Chair-Elect

In the absence of the Chair, the Chair-Elect shall carry out all the duties and responsibilities of the Chair.

Section 3 – Immediate Past Chair

Upon completion of a term as Chair, the incumbent will serve as the Immediate Past Chair, and continue as a member of the Executive Committee, and will have the responsibility of being (or designating a) recording secretary.

Section 4 – Terms of Office

Elections for Chair-Elect shall be held in the last quarter of each calendar year. The tenure of office for all positions shall be the calendar year following the election. The Chair-Elect of the previous calendar year shall become the Chair following the same schedule.

Section 5 – Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, the Immediate Past Chair, and the Chair or designate of each working committee. Additionally, the Director of the National Transportation Library (NTL) or the director’s designate will be an ex officio, non-voting member.
  2. The Executive Committee shall execute the decisions of the members, actively pursue the organization’s goals, and act as the official channel of communication between the WTKN and other organizations.
  3. The Executive Committee shall meet at the discretion of the Chair. It shall also meet upon the demand of a majority of WTKN members. It shall also meet upon a decision by a majority of Executive Committee members.

Section 6 – Vacancies

In the event that a vacancy occurs in the office of the Chair, the Chair-Elect shall automatically assume the office of the Chair for the remainder of the current and ensuing term of office. In the event that a vacancy occurs in the position of Chair-Elect, the remaining members shall recruit and appoint a replacement, who will serve the balance of the term of the original appointment.


ARTICLE V – Working Committees

Section 1 – Creation and Dissolution

Working committees to carry out activities to achieve the goals of the network shall be created and dissolved by the Executive Committee or by majority vote of the membership.

Section 2 – Structure and Membership

The structure and size of these additional committees shall be determined in the same manner used in their formation. Members shall be drawn from the staff of participating




ARTICLE VI – Membership Meetings

Section 1 – Frequency

  1. The Executive Committee (Article V, Section 1) shall schedule a meeting of the membership at least once each calendar year to conduct the business of the network. This meeting will accommodate distance conferencing technologies to facilitate and encourage the participation of those unable to attend in person.
  2. Meetings other than the annual meetings may be called to share information and conduct any non-routine business that may arise. Such meetings may be called by the Chair, by consensus of the membership, or by a majority decision of the Executive Committee.

Section 2 – Quorum

A simple majority of participating members shall be necessary to conduct a vote at a business meeting.


Section3 – Voting

There shall be one vote per member organization on all matters put before the membership.


Proxies may be designated. All actions, except removal from membership and changes to these bylaws that receive a simple majority vote of member organizations present at a meeting in favor of the action shall be considered as approved. Any matter to be voted upon should be submitted to the membership in writing a minimum of four weeks prior to the meeting at which action is to be taken. Votes taken at meetings may be taken in person, by mail and electronically.



ARTICLE VII – Adoption, Amendments, and Dissolution

Section 1 – Adoption

These bylaws will be initially adopted by a simple majority vote of the participating organizations actively involved in the formation of the Network, and who are interested in becoming members subject to the provisions of these bylaws.

Section 2 – Amendment

Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members. An amendment can be proposed by any member by providing a copy of the proposed amendment to the Chair. The Chair shall distribute the proposed amendment to members of the network for review. No later than one month following receipt of the proposed amendment the Chair shall conduct a vote of the membership on the proposed amendment. The Executive Committee may recommend adoption or rejection of the amendment.

Section 3 – Dissolution

Dissolution of WTKN can be effected by a vote of the membership at any meeting of the Network, given adherence to the provisions outlined in Article IV, Meetings, above, except that a two-third majority vote of the members shall be required to effect dissolution of the Network.