Who we are.

The Western Transportation Knowledge Network (WTKN) is a diverse group of transportation organizations from AASHTO Region 4 focused on improving the access to transportation information, data and research to help the entire community. Membership includes libraries representing state Departments of Transportation (DOTs), academic institutions, transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and private industry.

Questions?  Contact Katy Callon, WTKN Chair,, 406-44-0871.

Who do we serve?

WTKN members work to benefit participating organizations, through collaboration and regular communication. WTKN also partners with other groups that share an interest in the access and use of transportation information, such as AASHTO, TRB, SLA Transportation Division.

How do we excel?

WTKN members have established channels for communication and information sharing. The diversity of membership provides a broader view of how transportation information is created and consumed. We leverage our diversity to help our members help their stakeholders while also working to help the general transportation community.

Our members are awesome!

And two have recently received well-deserved special recognition: Kendra Levine, research librarian at ITS Berkeley and chair of the SLA Transportation Division, has been named an SLA Rising Star for 2013.   More. Kenn Bicknell, Librarian at the Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library at LA Metro, received the Library Journal’s 2013 Movers and Shakers award.  More.